While we understand people of all ages enjoy working with plants, we have envisioned our terrarium bar as an ADULT design experience, as our terrariums are meant to become a part of your home decor. It’s a place for you to relax, get your hands a little dirty, and enjoy some plant therapy. For this and various safety reasons, NO CHILDREN UNDER 12 are allowed in the Terrarium Bar Room at any time, and kids 12-16 must EACH be accompanied by their own parent supervisor.

A maximum of 5 people will be allowed in the Terrarium Bar Room during the reserved time slot regardless of whether all individuals are designing a terrarium or not. (i.e. 4 people who will be building and 3 people watching/supervising is too many.)

The work table is best suited for a 1-2 people to “build” their terrarium at the same time, so we allow extra time for groups of 3-5 so you may take turns.

All handiwork should be done at the Terrarium Bar work table only. Do not work from other tables or move supplies to any other locations in the room.

Each terrarium container will be labeled with info detailing the price and the number of plants included in your design. Prices range from $20 to $80+ based on the container style and size.

Choose all your plants BEFORE you start building your design. You can not swap a plant once it has been removed from its pot.

Adding more plants than designated on your container will incur separate charges and may not be suitable for the growth of your terrarium, so we suggest keeping to the guidelines.

Instructions and visuals will be provided to explain how you should layer your terrarium, but the project is YOURS to complete in the time provided.

Our staff is happy to answer any questions you might have but we do not dedicate an instructor to your time or group. Think of it as a DIY space, not a class, and no one is grading you on your work so just have fun! If you prefer our staff design your terrarium, we do offer custom design orders.

Please be careful. You will be working with glass and fragile plants. Any damage to containers, plants, or the room will be charged to the client.

Keep in mind that while terrariums last much longer than an arrangement of fresh flowers, they don’t last forever. Plants may periodically need to be refreshed, and you are welcome to bring your container in to do that in the Terrarium Bar, or just stop by and pick up a couple plants to take him.

Please arrive on time, as we are not able to allow your work time to go over your scheduled reservation.

Please email us any cancellations 24 hours in advance.

Calendar dates will be made available on a 2 week to monthly basis. Availability and pricing subject to change at any time.