What is a Terrarium? By definition, a terrarium is a glass container, partially or completely enclosed, used to house living plant specimens. Originating in the Victorian Era and created as a means to transport plant specimens from faraway places, the art of terrarium making has evolved into a much more eclectic use of materials and styles, and with a much more decorative than scientific purpose.

What types of products does Terrarium carry? Our store specializes in indoor and patio plants and botanically inspired decor and gifts. While most of our plants are live, we do carry a selection of faux, dried and preserved plants as well. Our home and gift selection features unique finds from many independent makers and creative brands you won’t find in other stores in our area.

What are your store hours? We are open 10:30am – 5pm Tuesday through Saturday and closed on Sunday and Monday. Exceptions to this schedule may occur during holidays, market dates, special events, and inclement weather. Follow our Facebook Page for regular updates.

Do you sell actual Terrariums? Yes of course! We have a variety of pre-designed terrariums in all shapes and sizes, ready to perfectly compliment your decor or to be shared as a lovely gift, but we will also have all the supplies you might need to design your own as well.

Are Terrariums hard to maintain? Not at all. Closed terrariums create their own little ecosystem that helps maintain moisture levels and will only need a little additional water and fresh air every now and then, and the occasional pruning of expired leaves or plants. There are actually some studied closed bottle terrariums that are reported to be over 50 years old. Open terrariums, such as those commonly used for succulents, are watered sparingly – sometimes only once every 2 weeks or more. If you are looking for a NO maintenance option, terrariums can even be created with some truly lifelike faux or preserved plants we carry as well.

Do you accept returns?  Please make sure you thoughtfully choose each product you plan to purchase, and LOVE the selection you have made before you pay for it. We can not accept returns and all sales are final. Because we offer assembled by hand, one-of-a-kind and limited quantity items, we are not able to allow our customers to return or exchange their purchase. Distressed, aged, and vintage products are sold AS IS with all their lovely flaws. If you change your mind, consider gifting your item to someone who would love it.

I have a product that I think would make a great addition to Terrarium’s selection. Who do I talk to? We LOVE unique items and collaborations with small businesses like ourselves. Feel free to send us some product details via email at info@terrariumliving.com for consideration.

Didn’t find an answer to your question here in our FAQs? Then feel free to email us at info@terrariumliving.com. We are happy to help you with your needs.