NOTE: Reservations are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.
The Terrarium Bar in our little shop is a great place for you to relax, get your hands a little dirty, and enjoy some plant therapy. Bring your imagination, and we’ve got all the ingredients you need to build your own one-of-a-kind living decor. Here’s how it works:

Reserve a time slot from the available dates on our calendar. We allow 45 mins for individuals and pairs, and 75 minutes for small groups of 3-5. When you reserve the room, you have the space to yourself (and staff of course) , so there is only one reservation available per time slot offered.

Decide ahead of time if you would like to create a succulent or foliage terrarium. Succulents must be placed in open terrarium containers and can not be combined with foliage due to different moisture needs.

Once you arrive for your reserved time and know your plant type, select a container from the available options appropriate for your plants. We have closed terrarium containers suitable for foliage, and open containers suitable for both succulents and foliage.

Each container will be labeled with info detailing the price and the number of plants included in your design. Prices range from $20 to $80+ based on the container design and size.

Select your plants from the terrarium bar based on the info provided with the container you choose. Our plants are 2″ individually potted pixie plants in assorted varieties. Adding additional plants will incur separate charges and may not be suitable for the growth of your terrarium, so we suggest keeping to the guidelines. Choose all your plants BEFORE you start building your design. You can not swap a plant once it has been removed from its pot.

Instructions and visuals will be provided to explain how you should layer your terrarium, but the project is yours to complete in the time provided. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you might have but we do not dedicate an instructor to your time or group. Think of it as a DIY space, not a class, and no one is grading you on your work so just have fun!

Our Terrarium Bar includes the following supplies:

  • pixie foliage plants and pixie succulents
  • heirloom potting soil
  • succulent soil
  • orchid mix
  • bark
  • charcoal
  • a variety of dried and preserved mosses
  • rocks in various sizes and colors
  • all the tools you need to detail your terrarium

You are free to use any of the above items and we can assist you with suggestions based on your plant choices.

While we understand people of all ages enjoy working with plants, we have envisioned our terrarium bar as an ADULT design experience, and our terrariums are meant to become a part of your home decor. With that in mind, we will NOT be offering children’s design options or parties. No children under 12 are allowed in the Terrarium Bar work room, even if just observing. Kids 12-16 must each be accompanied by their parent in order to participate. We have a maximum of 5 people allowed in the room at any time regardless of whether you are building a design or just watching/supervising. (i.e. 4 kids with 4 parents is too many.)

A scheduled appointment is required for all makers. Please understand reservations and the needs of the shop take priority (deliveries, assembling custom orders, staffing, etc.) so walk-in time slots may not be available.

Have a container of your own you would like to make a terrarium in? We offer Kit pricing based on the size of your container. A quote can be given to you prior to your reservation if you’d like.